Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hi everyone!!!! Im back!!hihi

Been for ages rasanya tak update blog kan?hehe,maklumlah been sooo busy,but sometimes i do feel guilty to those yg request suh i keep writing..ok lah..i hapdate sket2,i juz nk bagitau yg i juz found this song n i love thisss damnnn much!!!It made me smile. (senyum2 sorang macam orangg gile,haha)
How i wish it will becomes true!!hehheh..n one more thing,i never thought that her is malaysian ok,good job la nadhira,n d handsome guy ron e.jones is from aussie!good collaboration huh,dont u?so here this beautiful song..

                                                               Tear Us Apart

So,here d lyrics as well!enjoy yah :p

Tear Us Apart Lyrics– Nadhira ft Ron E Jones 

Verse 1 
From the first time we met each other
I knew that we’d be together
I saw in your eyes
It’s just a matter of time

Verse 2
Don’t know if this feels like the real thing
Tell me what to do where do I begin
Don’t know where to start
Should I let you in my heart?

Pre Chorus 
And all it took was on touch, one kiss
I’ve never felt love like this
I pray, I wish we can have this forever

I told you from the very start
It’s always gonna be about us
Just don’t go and break my heart
Just don’t go and break my heart
I knew that we would make it this far
No nothing’s gonna tear us apart
Just don’t go and break my heart
Baby don’t go and break my heart

Verse 3 
Girl you know now that we’re together
I won’t leave your side forever
You know that I’m yours
Baby you’re my only girl in the world

Verse 4 
Now I have no reason to be alone
Fell in love with you, you are now my home
I’ll always be true
I see no one else but you 

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